In  a 1984  speech at  Tendley Temple  Church in Philadelphia,  Rev. Jesse Jackson stated  that our collective losses are  often defined by, “the margins of  despair and the fracture of our coalitions.”  

This  analysis  serves as  a compelling  description and  compass for the Woke  Vote program. In that same  speech, Jackson used the quintessential  parable of David, who with a slingshot and  a few rocks was able to conquer Goliath. Jackson  referred to the extraordinary potential of unregistered  and disengaged voters of color calling them, “rocks” just  laying around.”

For  years,  underinvestment  has left these "rocks"  untapped and under-utilized.  We are changing that. What started  in Alabama was just the beginning of  a movement we are undertaking; county by  county, state to state, from the traditional  South and eventually throughout the Midwest and  beyond. We are picking up, dusting off, and preparing  these ‘rocks’ to strike against forces that are deteriorating  the very cloak and creed of America that brings us together collectively  despite our differences. Those proverbial rocks represent the power of historically  disengaged voters of color to transform our country, as persons of color have done  time and again throughout the history of this nation.

Emerging  against the  backdrop of under-resourced  efforts to deliver engagement  efforts in black constituencies,  Woke Vote believes in the power of  the people to achieve self-determination  and create a force that can move an agenda  of justice and fairness to the center of the  American political process.


Our mission

Our  mission  is to invest  in the activation,  long-term engagement,  training and development  of new organizers, and mobilization  of historically disengaged voters of color.  We seek to engage registered voters in a multifaceted  approach that includes: strategic social media outreach, impactful  campus and faith-based outreach, social impact demonstrations, and intense  mobilization (GOTV) efforts.